Be a Mentor!

You can be a mentor if you have:
* A genuine interest in youth
* Flexibility & patience
* Good listening skills


Mentors commit to meeting with their mentees one hour a week during the school day for one (1) school year. Although we just require a one year commitment, our hope is that mentors will recommit at the end of that year and, if possible, continue through high school graduation.

Getting started

1. Complete an application form (see below). For Urbana Schools, send to For Champaign Schools, send to
2. If applicable, talk with your employer about arranging to have an hour each week to mentor.*
3. Participate in an interview/screening session.
4. Complete a fingerprint based criminal background check (provided at no cost by the school districts).
5. Attend a two-hour training session and agree to attend follow-up training sessions.
6. Agree to come to your mentoring sessions consistently and stay with your mentoring relationship for at least one year.

* A number of local businesses have established a company policy that frees employees to mentor for one hour during the work week. Since school-based mentoring takes place during the school day, most of our mentors need permission from their employers. Your company can establish an affiliation with one particular school, or can allow employees to pick the school at which they mentor.

Resources for Mentors