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  • Scholarship Information for Graduates

    CU One-to-One Mentoring Scholarship
    Instructions for 2017 Graduate Recipients

    Eligibility:  Any student who has participated in the CU One-to-One Mentoring program for a minimum of three years is eligible to receive a scholarship upon graduation from a participating high school.  The student’s eligibility ends if not enrolled in an eligible post-secondary education program within two years of graduation, and no scholarship funds will be granted more than five years after high school graduation date. 

    Scholarship Funds:  Each qualifying student, graduating in 2017 or before, will receive up to $5,000.00 in scholarship funds spread over the course of 6 terms.  Payouts breakdown as follows:  Term #1 - $500.00, Term #2 - $500.00, Term #3 - $1,000.00, Term #4 - $1,000.00, Term #5 $1,000.00, Term #6 - $1,000.00

    Note:  “Term” is defined as an academic term (this includes the summer semester), with no more than two terms being eligible within a 12-month period.

    Instructions:  CU One-to-One will make scholarship payments in the eligible amount for the semester being requested only.  Scholarship payments will include any education related expense billable to the bursar’s office – tuition, books/supplies, university housing, etc.  Payment will only be made to the student’s bursar’s account.  To qualify for scholarship payment, student must provide CU One-to-One with:

    Scholarship request form (see attached pdf document below)
    Proof of class registration (copy of class schedule)
    Bursar’s (finance office) statement showing balance owed.  Any bursar’s account showing a $0 balance will not be eligible for scholarship monies for that semester. 


    Note:  the CU One-to-One Scholarship Foundation Board will serve as the final authority over interpretation and implementation of these policies.