What do students like about having a mentor?

Each year mentees complete a year-end survey about the experience of having a mentor. One question asks, "What do you like most about spending time with your mentor?"

Here are a few things students said in their 2015 survey:

· I really like having an adult I get to see at lunch once a week who actually cares about how I’ve been

· That I get to speak my mind and he listens.

· That she makes me smile every time I see her and how she’s positive.

· She's nice and is someone I can talk to without being judged and she's someone I can always count on.

· Just being around her makes me feel better

· Talking about stuff I wouldn't normally talk about.

· I like how comfortable I am with my Mentor.  It feels like I'm with a friend more than with an adult mentor.

· I like that my mentor is a good person

· To not think about school

· Being able to have fun during the school day

· She makes me much more a better person now-a-days

· Having time where the bad things aren't important

· Having an adult who cares about more than my grades